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Seth Mertens
Seth Mertens
April 19, 2024
I got automatic start put in my Camry before the snow began to hit. I had many question which were all answered by the gentleman at the front desk. They are extremely friendly and willing to work with you, so that you receive the exact product you are looking for. I cannot recommend them more. If you have ever considered adding in automatic start to your vehicle this company is fantastic.
Gwen Smith
Gwen Smith
March 30, 2024
Took excellent care of me and my old Volvo! I really appreciate the time they took to show me how to use my new equipment and am very pleased with the quality of their work.
Dell Pajewski
Dell Pajewski
March 22, 2024
This place is great!
Ona Chance
Ona Chance
January 17, 2024
The customer service is fantastic. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They go out of the way to do the right thing.
Blake Fisher
Blake Fisher
January 15, 2024
Friendly, Professional, and Clean! Flynn Audio recently saved me by having parts in stock that another (nameless shop - because Flynn Audio should have been my first choice) didn’t. The other shop waited last minute to tell me I needed to provide the wiring harness and tried cancelling my appointment. Needless to say if I hadn’t already scheduled an appointment elsewhere I would have happily cancelled to go with Flynn Audio instead. Will 100% be using their services for my audio needs in the future!
Alex Orth
Alex Orth
October 7, 2023
Flynn is the MAN for your vehicular audio needs in the Madison area. If I could give him 10 stars I would! A++ service and quality! Prices are very reasonable and you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a meticulously built setup unique to your needs. In 2020, I came to Flynn looking to upgrade the stock audio in my Subaru Legacy and add some bass. I also wanted to retain use of the stock infotainment screen and steering wheel controls. He let me test multiple different subs in my vehicle right in the shop and was very informative regarding any questions I had. He suggested an amp with an integrated eq for my door speakers and a 12” Alpine S sub with a Rockford Fosgate amp. I never felt as though I was being pressured or rushed. It’s clear Flynn wants you to be satisfied with what you’re getting, and he’s frank throughout the consultation process. I ended up going ahead with Flynn’s suggestion, and the turn around time was super fast. If I remember correctly, I dropped off middle of the week and it was done by the end. In 2021-ish, I came back wanting to upgrade the stock infotainment system to be able to use Apple CarPlay. Same as always, Flynn was super helpful in explaining everything and taking into consideration my individual needs. I ended up getting a nice Alpine head unit with CarPlay and backup camera integrated. When I returned to pickup my vehicle, Flynn took the time to go through and explain all the features of the new head unit to me. All of this worked flawlessly until recently. I ran into some minor issues with my audio “clipping” on the right channel door speakers. So, I emailed Flynn and he was able to get me in promptly to troubleshoot. He was able to diagnose and resolve the issue in 20 minutes! How convenient! It was a minor wiring problem with a connection to the head unit. This was fixed at no cost to me. Flynn will get you right with all your audio needs. And he’ll be happy to assist you if any problems arise, even years down the line.
September 29, 2023
Stellar Service, Knowledge, and Customer Service! I don't know the first thing when it comes to automative sound systems! Sam was gracious and patient with all of my questions and explained in detail every concern. I was a bit sticker shocked and baby stepped my way through the process and Sam was kind enough to find options that fit within my budget, that being said my budget didn't deliver my expectation. I should of just did it the right way the first time My own fault. I returned after a few months and went for it! Wow what a difference! I am rather particular when it comes to my Bronco and felt 100% comfortable that Sam and his assistant would be particular and mindful with my vehicle and it was in good hands! I highly recommend! I cant say enough good things about Flynn Audio!
Jameson Keichinger
Jameson Keichinger
September 21, 2023
Great place to get subs installed or fixed 10/10 love you guys
Alex Parial
Alex Parial
September 3, 2023
Sam and his team did a spectacular job upgrading the sound system on my Bronco! This project was money well spent and I would highly recommend going with Flynn Audio! I really appreciate the customer service and high standards.



Most people associate remote start with winter. Remote starts are especially popular in colder climates since they heat the inside and defrost the windows. This saves you from scraping windows and waiting in a cold car to warm up.


Remote starters are very useful in hot weather. Car temperatures can reach 130° on a sunny 80° day. Remote starters let cars cool before entrance under these conditions. Avoid burning yourself on the steering wheel or hot seat.


Your car may feature factory remote start. If so, you may have noticed your OEM remote’s limited range. An aftermarket remote start system lets you install a range-extending remote. Arctic Start Edge 2X remote adds 2-mile range.

Most factory remotes have 1-way communication, so you can give a command but not receive confirmation. Arctic Start remotes provide 2-way connection. This lets your vehicle confirm the command.


Remote starter systems can incorporate a variety of accessories and functions. One of them is DroneMobile. DroneMobile lets you talk to your car via your phone. A cell phone connection lets you start your car from anywhere. 


You can add security measures to an Arctic Start remote start system. Protecting your vehicle and belongings is crucial, so installing security features might help.


When selling your car, a remote start and security system might boost its value. Many customers want a remote starter device for convenience.

Remote Start


Check Your Car


Over 90% of vehicles support Remote Start. Check to see if yours does!

Select Your System


Remote Start solutions to match every driver and vehicle. Find yours now!

Contact US! FLynn audio


We are one of more than 2,000 Arctic Start dealers in North America


Traditional EQUIPMENT option

Start your car with your factory remote, no need for an extra job.

Add a long range remote start with 1 and 2 way remotes.

Common Key Features




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Why do you need the deposit?

We are committed to you no matter what and we will be here rain or shine. The deposit helps ensure our technicians are equally respected.

Can I bring my own remote start in?

No. We know what’s best for your car and will install a quality remote start that will work the first time after being installed by an expert technician

Who will work on my car?

A highly trained technician with the tools and know-how to get your remote start installed right the first time. We also make sure you know exactly how to use your remote start before leaving.

Will my remote start turn on my rear defrost and heated seats?

Maybe. Sometimes this feature is built-in, sometimes it can be done by one of our technicians, sometimes, it’s impossible. It all depends on the remote start that is compatible with your vehicle.

Is my car compatible with remote start?

Probably! Most vehicles are.  However, many vehicles require brand specific parts or modules, so a one-model-fits-all from Amazon might be the wrong choice. When you work with us, we make sure to get all the right parts and equipment for your vehicle so you can have a smooth remote start experience start to finish.

Will this void my factory warranty?

NO. You have the right to modify your vehicle without voiding its factory warranty. Modifying your car can’t void your warranty unless the dealership proves an issue you are having is related. Even IF that happens, your warranty will not be voided in full. Read More about this.

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